Falling Is Like Flying

by Tiny Stills

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released May 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Tiny Stills Los Angeles, California

Indie pop rock. Crunchy guitars, catchy melodies, lyrics you would quote on AIM if AIM were still a thing. That Dog meets Letters to Cleo meets Veruca Salt. Nobody is more youer than you.

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Track Name: Starting Over Is A Lot Like Giving Up
I know you say you've been hurt real bad before
so you dig in your heels if you feel that pull
you claim the baggage that you've got is the thing to blame
but I can see you're afraid

Oooh dont you dont you wanna know
that you dont have to be alone
oooh when will you see?
youre only held down by strings
Oooh don't you dont you wanna know
that you dont have to be alone
Oooh when will you see
you're only held down by strings?

we're all broken in our own special ways
but sometimes all you need is a chance to change
I watch you hang by a thread to your heavy heart
its dead before it starts


starting over is a lot like giving up
starting over is a lot like its a a lot like giving up
Track Name: You're Gonna End Up Alone
its kinda sick that you feel so good as long as i'm the one who hurts
gotta tear down all your friends because you're so insecure
but you're no good without a back to stand on
sooner or later they're all gonna catch on

i dont know how you sleep my enemy
pretending to be a friend to me
how can you live with what you did to me
once all your bridges burn i know you're gonna end up alone

someone show me the law that says you gotta be a bitch to get ahead
racking up the casualties all in the name of success
but you're no good without a back to stand on
sooner or later everyone will be gone

i forgive myself
for giving you the benefit of the doubt
when you deserved much less
in time i will forget
all of the painful things you did
you'll only have yourself to blame
and the lonely bed you made
with your regrets
Track Name: Hold Me
if tomorrow never comes that would be fine with me
in this dark room with you i've got all i need
i fell so hard gave you my heart
we're better together than we are apart and i can't let you go
dont wanna let you go

so hold me now its getting late
im not ready to call it a day
i need you close to remind me
i've got the world when you're holding me

i wanna make some plans that we dont have to change
i wanna do this right if you feel the same
cuz you're the only one for me
i'll wait for you through everything
i cant let this go dont wanna let you go

i know we'll have our doubts when we're lonely
nobody said that this would be easy
but my heart wont change its mind
i need you all the time
Track Name: You Drive Me Crazy
i should've known better than to pick up my phone
should've known your calling to relive what went wrong
but its not my fault you fucked it up
its not my fault you wont let go
i am so sick of sugar coating this so you can swallow it down
you say its not fair how we just didnt work out

but no one forced you to call me
you ought to hang up before this gets mean
you drive me crazy

i hear you steer clear of places we've been
you bear these crosses since we've called it quits
and our friends think i'm the bad guy
they think that i'm so mean
but they forget that it was you who hurt me
and now i just dont care how it just didn't work out

i guess i broke you in for the next girl to have
she'll take all the good since you gave me the bad
and that might hurt to hear but if you dont wanna know
you shouldn't ask
cuz no one forced you to lie
no one forced you to forget to try
no one but you
no one but you
Track Name: Someone More Like Me
i watch you wear your smile like a loaded gun
whatcha tryin to prove to everyone
im tired of searchin on the internet
for the best ways to handle my regrets
just wanna wake up in the morning and not feel alone
i wanna really quit smoking not pretend that i dont

cuz i think all id ever need is someone a little more like me
it might be the hardest thing to find a heart thats hurting like mine
but i'll keep looking
i'll keep looking

dont need a new tattoo for every fear i face
i think i'll quietly conquer and modestly celebrate
wanna cut the ties and strings that keep me hanging on
to souvenirs from a life that has long since gone
trade these memories i got for a room with a view
but i'll always paint these new walls that old shade of blue

i've got machines that keep me lonely
like i ever needed any help
i've got an open vein for that social drip
but i'm still the odd man out
Track Name: 15-17 Months
it must be love cuz i miss you more than myself on days when i can't get up
its clear that i have nothing figured out
but theres a spark still in my mind
and i knew that it was you this whole time
it must be love because its killing me and still keeping me alive

i heard it takes 15-17 months to get over and forget the pain
or it takes twice the time it took to live through in the first place
and so i grit my teeth and bear it i know theres no better way
its a fact and its been proven time is the only escape
it must be love because its teaching me to hate

what was i thinkin
what was i thinkin
what was i think when i gave you i gave you my heart
what were you thinkin
what were you thinkin
what were you thinkin when you tore it apart

i heard you got a new girl but i'm not too worried
in fact i'm confident that history will always repeat
and all your nervous ticks and quirkiness will surface sometime soon
and over coffee we'll agree the problem was with you
it must be love because we couldnt see the truth

your hopeless light is still haunting me
like there was good hiding somewhere underneath
i know better than to let time get the best of me
the best of me
Track Name: Rugburns
i'll trade the skin on my knees for some memories
and we can call it a day
scars are just proof you survived anyway
we used to make love on the floor
pretending we loved just who we were
even if it hurt
we dove in headfirst

to try and find good in all the bad
pretending we loved just what we had
to try and find good

reckless from the start
a recipe for broken hearts
so it goes oh so it goes
you were careless from the start
a recipe for broken hearts
so it goes oh so it goes

how do i compare to those before
cuz it seems to me you could do much worse
but it wont feel right to settle for one night
i am not lonely i just lie
i humor my vices that wont subside
and if i hold you close
its so you can't shoot first

i am not in love i am indifferent
i could not care less about the state you find me in
and i'll repeat myself till i believe nothing else
i am not in love i am indifferent
i am indifferent
i am so
Track Name: The Thought of You
if i could i'd wake up early just to hold you while you sleep
i'd lay right by your side and i would smile as you breathe and i'd feel whole
something id never felt before

and when you're beaten down on days that make you wanna die
i'll heal everything and make you glad that you're alive
ill be the answer
that you've been searching after

and i know that i should give back the love that i got
but i'll confess that its only the thought

only the thought of you
thats got me all worked up this isnt real
its not the truth
its the thought of you
i couldnt fall in love
but i wanted to and i was
with just the thought of you

you deserve someone who knows the little things you hate
and more importantly the things to do to make you day
and thats not me
but i wanted it to be
Track Name: What Am I Gonna Do?
i moved to the city to die must've felt too free in the country life
live below strangers, call them my neighbors hear footsteps on the ceiling at night
i left to try and forget you wanna fill your space with something new
but i just found regrets mixed with smoke and cement
birds at my feet and bricks to the moon
id run further away but the day ends to soon
oh oh no

what am i gonna do
it looks like im just not me without you
what am i gonna do
this useless me cant be
what am i gonna do?

cant say i didnt try with every kiss came compromise
felt like a change but still wrong all the same
just remember to breathe and close your eyes
i wish i was dreaming but it feels like real life
oh oh no
Track Name: Falling is Like Flying
last night i had a dream i forgot the color of your eyes
but the fear came when i woke up and thought
maybe it was you who forgot mine

we've been staring at the ground taking every step for granted as we go
its like we fell in love and then forgot and now we're stuck in this alone

but its a small twist of the mind that turns falling to thinking you'll fly

oh oh i know i'll never get this right
i know i'll never get this

been waiting my whole life for the love that i deserve
so i tell myself next year might be better cuz i know it cant get worse
i'll never stop trying cuz somethings gotta work
but with every ounce of faith i have theres a promise i'll get hurt

i dont listen to my head these days i just do whatever my heart says
im not looking for the answers just a reason to tell myself i'm gonna be ok
im gonna be ok
im gonna be ok
im gonna be ok